Welcome to rebedeauchemicals.com, the home of REBEDEAUCHEMICALS TECHNOLOGIES INC; a family run chemical supplier and manufacturer specialising in metal cutting,grinding, cleaning.

With many years experience in the metal cutting industry, REBEDEAUCHEMICALS TECHNOLOGIES INC provides expert service and products for a wide variety of applications. Our philosophy is to provide quality products at affordable prices. Whether your needs are for a simple cast iron cutting product or complex titanium cutting product, REBEDEAUCHEMICALS TECHNOLOGIES INC can provide the products that give excellent results for prices that will amaze!
Access Chemicals provides an excellent complete service, with quick despatch and testing facilities. We are not a very big multi-national corporation with extortionate minimum order values, we do not have outrageous overheads; REBEDEAUCHEMICALS TECHNOLOGIES INC is a family operated business which still operates with such values. We can only grow through our customer¡¯s growth.

As you develop, we develop ¨C and this pledge is something we intend to treasure.
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